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, as its last iteration fizzled out in the late 1990s - coincidentally around the same time it was running WCW crossovers like the one Chris Jericho shared on his Facebook page this morning (Oct. For context, back in a time when even if you had cable you only had about 30 - 50 channels to choose from, and many of us were still accustomed to watching old movies, re-runs and syndicated shows on local non-network channels, game shows were as omni-present as ‘reality’ shows are today.And, before online dating or apps like tinder, we liked to watch people try to hook up - so we had and their ilk.

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The hardest slap she’s thrown was at Wrestle Mania this year with The Rock, she recalls. Stephanie Mc Mahon and Triple H’s eldest daughter have already trained with Nattie. Jericho credits Stephanie and his feud with her as what really got him over as a WWE Superstar.Stephanie responded, saying the hard part isn’t working for her father; the hard part is working for Vince Mc Mahon.In a more than diplomatic way, in a loving daughter way she recognizes that he is a piece of work (“exceptionally driven and passionate,” and standing right there).He mentioned expecting a bonus and instead getting a “plastic hardcore Santa statue.” Steph responded saying that she loved those, proving that even as a kid she had a lot of corporate influence. When Jericho asked about her recent trip to China, Stephanie countered saying she went to Singapore as well.