Quotes on dating interracially

19-Aug-2018 16:16

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She was a woman completely dedicated to the white family, especially to the children of that family.

She was the house servant who was given complete charge of domestic management; she was a friend and advisor.

This depiction of black people was displayed in films of the early 20th century.

The original text suggested that Sambo lived in India, but this fact may have escaped many readers.

The term pickaninny, reserved for children, has a similarly broadened pattern of use; while it originated in a Portuguese word for 'small child' in general, it was applied especially to African-American children in the United States, then later to Australian Aboriginal children.

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The practice of polygamy among Africans was attributed to uncontrolled lust, and tribal dances were construed as orgies.

The character found great favor among the Whites of Great Britain and Australia as well, into the late 20th century.