Problems validating office 2016

11-Nov-2018 20:03

You can also contact Microsoft support to talk to a human.

If you need multiple connectors for mail flow from Office 365 to your email server (or to a partner), make sure you validate and turn on each connector.Connector validation runs as part of the connector setup process.This article helps if you want to validate your connectors at a different time, or if you want to understand more about the process.For more information, see What happens when I change a connector that Office 365 is using for mail flow?

If you continue to have mail flow issues after validating a connector, check whether you have set up multiple connectors that might apply in a single scenario.

If you see repeated prompts to grant access to the keychain when starting an Office 2016 for Mac app, Office may have been moved to a location other than the default /Applications folder.

Office; Windows; Surface; Xbox. Active Directory 2016 - Replication & Global. Try to reproduce the problem in a test environment with Windows 2016 and I have.… continue reading »

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Validate connectors in Office 365. 2016-05-03. If your organization. If you continue to have mail flow issues after validating a connector.… continue reading »

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