Mature dating bucks

26-Oct-2018 00:20

Hopefully these tips, and tools, will lead you to more mature buck sightings.Trail Camera and Information Gathering The first step is what most are doing already, I set up my trail cameras.With the 3D mode you can swoop in to ground level and it gives the appearance that you are on the land itself.Picture where the buck was, the direction he came from and the direction headed.

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For the bucks that pop up once or twice a year this obviously will not help to pattern them.This information led us to pin pointing stand sites that are just out of their smell zone but actually up wind of them.For example, in order to hunt the bucks that traveled a certain trail near dark with a West wind, we would stagger the stands a bit further north or south to get away from their nose with that wind.Using this system we found that we only had a few mature bucks on our cameras, and only when the wind had some “West” in it, meaning W, NW, SW, etc.