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15-Dec-2018 23:41

Thank you Need to stay with the kids (5 and 8 years old) during afternoons and/or evenings (ususally for a 3 to 5 hours period). Needed occasionally, such as once or twice a month.

Looking for an experienced, responsible candidate to watch our children during the occasional date night or as needed.

The date of the election will be determined by Gov.

Jerry Brown, with many expecting it to coincide with June 5 primary.

I need some help watching my son in the morning so I can get to work on time. If you are local and able to help I would love to hear...

He’s breastfed so there will be milk to feed him and he usually takes 2 naps during the morning and afternoon, depending on how much he plays. More My husband and I are looking for a sitter to take care of our two boys on date nights. They love board games and reading; bike riding and drawing/coloring. More I am a work-from-home Mom that is looking for someone that can tutor my two girls.

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Also on the ballot will be candidates vying to replace Newman if he is recalled.