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19-Jul-2018 05:29

You will also learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5's template system to create new pages based on the custom design and layout that you've been working on in the previous chapters as well as to automate the updating of all the pages of your site when you make a design change.Finally, you will also learn how to get Dreamweaver to automatically figure out which pages of your site to upload without your having to manually open and upload every one of them.#2: BACKGROUND IMAGES or IMAGES NOT SHOWING ON SOME PAGES You should never let Dreamweaver define an inline style tag in the SUPER template that points to an image for like a background.THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG and very easy to do when you goto The reason to do it this way is because of when you "Update Pages...", Dreamweaver doesn't update the style tag's image URL's in any of the templates. Dreamweaver DOES update stand alone images, body tag direct background images links, anchor links and all other stuff.When you save a DWT with attached files, Microsoft Expression Web prompts you to update those files.DWTs use metadata to maintain the relationship between a file and the pages attached to the file.But what do you do when the template itself was developed with outdated code and the site needs a complete design overhaul?

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For years, Dreamweaver has used templates to allow an entire site to be updated at once simply by making changes to a master page.One of the most difficult tasks for a web designer is updating legacy websites.Legacy websites are websites which have existed for many years.If you want to copy a page and put into a folder, in other words change the location, you must, CLICK and DRAG the file to the new folder.