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Reply What can we do with our gift cards we havent used? Obviously we loved eating there and when asked where we would like gift cards from…we said Lone Star. NOT only cold, but parts of it were cooked to more than WELL done, and other areas of the steam were practically raw .

It is not so much the money amount as it is about recognizing and appreciating loyal customers who will miss you greatly…Danville VA Thanks Reply We were given 2 gift cards for Christmas 5.00, now the only treat we enjoyed occasionally grandma & grandpa won’t get to enjoy, THANKS! It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes,or Gordon Ramsey mentality to understand that this occurred because the steak was cooked from Frozen to the inadequate state that it ended up in. It’s obvious that either the staff is under trained or the WRONG STAFF… The manager ,,,,don’t know her name ,,,but she has a lot of red hair,, was so rude to us because our food was cooked wrong.

For information on our nondiscrimination obligations or how to file a complaint, please contact Advocate Bro Menn Adult Day Service by any of the methods listed below.

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon was founded in the Winston/Salem area of North Carolina in 1989. Once publicly traded on the NASDAQ, Lone Star Steakhouse is now privately owned.

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Lone Star Steakhouse complaints I purchase 4 gift cards at .00 dollars each.

Transportation to and from the center is available through a specially equipped, wheelchair-accessible van for clients who reside within Mc Lean County. Advocate Bro Menn Adult Day Services enjoys its current location thanks to the late Mildred Sterling, whose generous endowment is a testament to her commitment to improving the quality of life for seniors.

Take a virtual tour of Advocate Bro Menn Adult Day Services: Advocate Bro Menn Adult Day Service operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

I want to know when I can expect a payment for that billing? I have since sent another bill dated June 25th account # 954461 witch is coming up on 30 days from billing.

I appreciate taking care of your lawn for you but I would like to be paid in a timely manner.

There were 22- 23 of if, and we arrived from to PM. While the servers (to young ladies) were doing their best to be “up beat” it was MORE THAN obvious that the kitchen staff (or who ever was IN THE kitchen) was either untrained, incompetent, or had NO SYSTEMS to work with or all of the above… After about 45 minuets of waiting, I made a (no joke) offer to the hard working, apologetic, and obviously embarrassed waitress to go and FIRE THE KITCHEN staff… After the food (finally, and sporadically) was delivered I doubled my offer.. As the evening ended one of our members stood up and asked….”SO how many of you would come back here for a second time” …. Your restaurant in Greensboro, NC ordered a banner from us and has yet to pay us. We have spent our time and money to complete a job, not to mention several proofs for our customer Lone Star, only to be told a couple weeks later that they really didn’t need the banner after all.